This is just a random post after a video I saw yesterday sparked me to think about my work and helped me to remember how much fun I have doing what I do.

Last month I worked with We Are The Ocean for the week that they were in studio recording new tracks for an exciting release they are working on. I have worked with these guys for almost a year and a half now and I am really passionate about their music and the effort and time they put into what they are doing so spending time with them in studio (which is quite an intimate and important time for a band) was really special for me.

We worked together, listened a lot, played wii, ate rubbish cheap food, swam, jumped off bridges, walked, explored, listened a lot more, lazed around, slept, hummed, spoke rubbish, sang with the ninja and then on the last day quite early we decided to shoot a few portraits. The lighting during this time was really not the greatest just because it was SO harsh with a lot of moving clouds so it changed dramatically every 30 seconds (aperture reading changing from f7.1 to f18) but we made a plan and tried to get the best with what we had. We found this crazy dodgy location and below is one of the final photographs that I shot followed by 4 that Dan shot of us getting the set ready.

I love what I do.

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