19 March 2010 – My buddy Lora is a part of the rock based dance troupe known collectively as The Sirens and they were the opening act tonight at Brixton Academy which seems really brave on their part considering the main act’s outlook on ladies. Haha.

Unfortunately it was super dark and the bouncer guys didn’t want to hear our (photographers) stories about using flash or trying to make a plan to get some kind of light to work with so I did my best with what I had and in the end got a few images but they do lack depth and the colour jumps were so strong that it really was a nightmare. Haha, I love moaning.

Anyway, we were just a few people moaning about the lighting with the rest of the FULL venue going absolutely wild over what was going on. The ladies killed the stage and everyone loved it. It was the shortest opening act at a live show I have ever witness but it was by far one of the most effective. The Sirens are really new and this was one of their first shows so a lot was expected of them but they lived up to it and showed that they have a lot to offer in the future.

Check them out and spread the word.

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