28 April 2010 – Tonight the opening band was This City and it was the 3rd time that I would be shooting them at The Garage and the third time that the lighting absolutely sucked.

I am not sure why the venue doesn’t allow photographers to do their job right and make sure that the photos of the night will end up as best as they can be and the venue can receive the best publicity so that it doesn’t end up being half full again as it has been for the last bunch of shows that I have shot here.

Anyway, I won’t keep moaning but am really disappointed that I haven’t been able to shoot photos of these guys that I am really 100% happy with because I think they give it a really good shot. They have made a few line up changes over the last few months which is always nerve wrecking but it’s definite from their live show that the changes are positive as they seem to be getting better.

Check them out if you haven’t.

I really had to push my camera here and it handled alright but I don’t like pushing it this much. These are a few of the shots.

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  1. ravi
    ravi says:

    that is some high ISO… 3200?(i think that it may be 6400 though cos that D3 of your is a low light beast!)

    still a good job though, i can tell that the lighting was not great… my fav is the second shot!

    happy birthday again!

  2. Marcus Maschwitz
    Marcus Maschwitz says:

    Yeah dude it was the first time that I have pushed her to 6400 but it was SO dark and just crap. I hate that venue. Said last time that I would boycott them and never shoot there again but then got talked into this one. Haha.

    Hope you good.


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