02 September 2010 – One of my favourite albums this year is definitely thanks to the guys from Two Door Cinema Club so shooting them tonight in Kingston got me really excited.

The guys played a short acoustic in-store set at Banquet Records followed by an amazing show at the Hippodrome put on by the shop. This was the fullest that I have seen the Hippodrome so far and the crowd was pretty wild considering the happy-feel-good sounds that TDCC create so well. More beers were thrown than ever before and everything got wet including the bands gear which sucks.

I love these guys and definitely recommend you get their album or check them out before they blow up huge (it’s going to happen soon). Make sure to also check out the Banquet Records crew, they represent what music stores should be like and are constantly giving back to the scene by hosting great shows like this one.

The lighting was quite hard to get good shots of anyone but Alex but these are a few of the ones I like.

Setlist: Cigarettes In The Theatre, Undercover Martyn, Hands Off My Cash, Do You Want It All, Something Good Can Work, This Is The Life, Kids, Costume Party, You’re Not Stubborn, What You Know, Eat That Up, Come Back Home, I Can Talk.

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