28 April 2011 – Tonight We Are The Ocean played their biggest headline show to date at Electric Ballroom.

I have worked with the boys a few times now and every time is an amazing time together. This venue was actually the first place where I photographed portraits of the guys about a year and a half ago and it’s amazing to see how far they have come since that time.

The show tonight was one of my all time favourites for a few reasons and I feel really proud of how they pulled the show off. There were a few glitches as Dan injured his knee really badly but he made sure to finish off the track before leaving the stage to get bandaged up and injected with some heavy pain killers. He returned to stage one track later, after a great performance by Alfie filling in on vocals and Jack Longman filling in on guitar, to carry on the show as if there was no issue.

I found my foot tapping the whole time and myself singing aloud to every track … love when shows are like this.

The venue isn’t my favourite to shoot at because the stage is so high from the pit but the amazing sound made up for that.

These are a few shots from the show.

Make sure to get a copy of Go Now And Live.

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