11 March 2010 – I have said it a few times before but one of my favourite bands at the moment is We Are The Ocean so I was super excited to shoot with them again tonight especially at Koko as it is an amazing venue.

This was their first London show this year as well as their first London show since the recent launch of their album “Cutting Our Teeth” so it was bound to be a good one. I’ve killed their album coming up to tonight so that their songs would be fresh in my mind for the live show and although I remember their last live show to be really good, I almost forgot just how good it was.

I definitely have a feeling for these guys and what they are doing and I really enjoy their passion and their humbleness as well as their excitement to just keep making music and growing together.

Their show was amazing and the lighting was really decent to work with although the pit was super full and I really battled to move around and dodge cameras so these are a few of my favourites. It feels lame that its over but I know they will be back soon. I can’t wait. Make sure to get their album if you don’t have it. It’s a rocker.

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