29 May 2010We Are The Ocean is made up of a super nice bunch of guys with so much passion for what they do that it’s hard to not get excited at the energy that they release especially during their live set.

Again this was really weird because it was day time and the rain had just slowed down so it was a bit hard to shoot purely because of how things look during the day (normally shows are lit up) and with majority of the background being the red / orange roof of the stage. Regardless I tried to make do with what was available and although these photos will probably be nicer in black and white, I have decided to keep them all as colour because that is how I shot them.

The crowd were absolutely loving it and Dan made his way over the barrier and into the pit and then later all the way at the back of the crowd to scale a tree and sing “Confessions”. It’s stuff like this that makes fans feel a part of what the band is doing and I wish more and more bands would take a lesson or two from these boys.

Great set, always is.

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