23 March 2011 – At the end of last month I hit the road for a few short days with the boys from We Are The Ocean as they played a few intimate shows to showcase some of the new material off their upcoming album “Go Now And Live”.

As always it was amazing to spend quality time with the guys and we had a LOT of laughs on the road.

The shows went down really well and the new tracks sound incredible live. I cannot wait for people to hear the new album in it’s entirety because the guys have worked hard on something a lot more mature and a huge step up from everything else they have brought out in the passed. I am not slagging any of their old stuff because I like it all but the new tracks are just on a new level and I am really feeling them.

Their album drops next month and they hit the road on another short headline tour which is definitely worth making your way down to.

Anyway, these are just a few random photos I shot during the time of everyone hanging out while not playing. Great memories.

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  1. Ravi
    Ravi says:

    love love love these Marcus! favourite is the 6th one… messing around with the the shutter sync? whatever it is though i love the feel of that photo…

    too bad about that iphone later down the photos though…

  2. Marcus Maschwitz
    Marcus Maschwitz says:

    Thanks Ravi. It does look like the shutter was too fast now looking back at it but I shot most of these without flash and that specific shot I actually took from inside the van while Alfie was finishing up at a pit stop and I was playing with the frame of the window. Have a few with it like that but on the side. This one is one of my favourites though.

    Hope you good. x


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