26 September 2009 – The other day I met up with the guys from We Are The Ocean a few hours before their show and we quickly shot some portraits just outside the venue.

These guys are super cool and I feel so excited about their music. I have mentioned before that I think they will end up being one of my favourite all time bands. I just really feel the way their songs are structured and how everything works together in each of the songs. Their full length album is due out at the end of this year and I cannot wait to get a copy of that in my hands so that I can over-play it. Haha.

Anyway, these are just 3 of the portraits that I shot of the guys. I also shot a few individual portraits of each of the guys playing the fool but I will post these another time.

DEFINITELY check these guys out if you have the time. They’re destined for big things … and I don’t think it is going to take long at all.



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