Earlier this year I was introduced to a band called We Are The Ocean and since that day I think I have become one of their biggest fans. Their music is amazing and I get it perfectly, their live show is incredible and the guys in person are just really down to earth and it’s always clear that they are doing this purely because they love it. They have come a long way this year having just signed a record deal which will bring the release of their OVER waited full length album and they start their headline UK tour next week which is going to be one that you cannot miss out on.

Anyway I worked with they guys not so long ago and although our time together to shoot was quite short because of things running off time, we managed to get some pretty good portraits. The guys were really happy with them and will be using the one below for a poster on their up coming tour. It will be good to see it large.


The main reason for this post though is because I was just sent the link to their new music video for “Look Alive” which is the first single on their album. It was done in collaboration with the guys at Criminal Damage and it’s bound to get anyone excited about the stuff they are doing. What’s not to like? Liam and Dan’s voices are so different but so complementary in the stuff they do together and the rest of the band have an amazing input to their sound. I like it lots.

Check out the video below and make sure to check out their stuff when the album launches in January. I have a feeling it is going to become one of my favourites.

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