10 October 2010 – Not too long ago I had a shoot with the boys of the post-hardcore outfit We Are Wolf up in Milton Keynes.

I’ve worked with a few of the members on other projects before so it was amazing catching up with them and hearing about this new venture. The band is made up of six members who really seem to gel well and they all have great fresh ideas to make this band stand out in future.

After some online scouting and a bunch of mails and calls we met up at one of the weirdest and scariest locations I have worked in yet. It was an old burnt down derelict mental asylum that has been abandoned for quite a few years. We had to make our way through some rubble which we were really cautious about at first but quickly all felt comfortable (brave) and started exploring “properly” which is crazy thinking back now of how unsafe it actually all was.

Anyway, these guys are cool and the tracks they are working on are really big so check them out. I loved working with them and look forward to future projects together and seeing where they end up.

These are a few from the shoot.

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