So I have been working like crazy lately which is a good thing but I hate that I have so much new work to show and no where to show it. I mean, I really liked the way my old website looked but it really just was too much distraction as apposed to just showing off the photographs. It’s always hard to think of the best way to showcase online because I do not like Flash based websites purely because I have seen so many people having issues using them and in the end I think I wanted to make sure that mine would be as user friendly as possible. The website I had also never allowed me to put the photos up at a decent size so with all this in mind I have created a new one from scratch and although I am still filtering through photographs and updating the content, there is a good amount up so that I can release it.

If you have a chance, make sure to check out and have a look. As I said I am still busy uploading content so keep checking back.

This is a screen grab of the home page, hope you like.


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