09 December 2009 – Just before traveling out I had a shoot with the really cool guys from What Is Life For? at a location that was one of the weirdest places I have ever seen. It is known as the concrete jungle because it is an old crusty council estate that has been semi evacuated so that they can smash it down and then vandals have come and burnt some of it.

I was a bit nervous walking around with our gear but we were quickly befriended by a security guy who attached himself to us and made sure that we were alright even though in the end it seemed like nothing would have happened there besides being flirted with by some “special” girls. Haha.

The guys were really cool and after speaking to them on mail and the phone for some time it was a pleasure to finally meet them in person and then spend some time with them shooting and talking about what they are doing as a band. I really like their sound that they describe as Incubus jamming with the Chili’s while Billy Talent and the Foo’s have noisy sex in the corner! I’ve heard good things about their live set and they seem to be on the right path to bigger things and I look forward to shooting one of their live sessions in the near future.

I got a copy of their EP and it has been rocking my player for the last few days. I also just noticed that on their myspace they have added a Christmas song and I love that because we all need a bit of Christmas cheer.









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