19 November 2009 – Tonight I got to work with one of my favourite bands which seemed almost too good to be true. I remember the day that I discovered White Lies and they hit the spot from the start.

I had been pre-booked every time they had played in London this year so I wasn’t able to take up the opportunity until tonight and I was almost worried that the show would disappoint because I had built it up in my head so much. It’s always exciting working with a band that you like as much as this but I have also been let down a lot of times by live shows and some times it just feels like work for me which is alright I guess considering some of the other jobs that people have. Tonight though was NOT going to be one of those shows. As the band walked on to stage it was clear that they were ready to put on a good mind blowing show. I have read up so much about the guys and the media has really compared them to a lot of other bands and almost said they were too young to be doing something this good which I complete disagree with because they were doing it perfectly from what I could see (and hear).

The set (stage) included a mix of cold and warm lighting which made it a bit of a head ache to photograph just because the white balance continually changed but as a spectator I think their stage setup was the best one that I had seen this year possibly even my best one ever. They had really thought about it and made sure that each of their songs was complemented by a completely different lighting setup so the stage was constantly changing. It’s like ordering a dish at a restaurant and it arrives on a plate at your table and immediately your mind takes the presentation into account and you almost make up your mind as to whether you would like the flavour or not based purely on the view. This was like that, I could appreciate each song by the way the stage looked but then the amazing thing is that the songs were just as good.

I spoke with a lot of people after the show tonight and everyone seemed to agree that the sound was almost too good for a live show. The drum kit was by far the best live drum kit I have ever heard and possibly that made them sound that much better. Harry’s voice is also engulfing to a point that I almost forgot what I was doing just because I was really focusing on his vocals and his words. WOW. Haha.

Anyway, I sound like I am trying to sell the show which really I am not. I just really love the nights where I have to travel out late to shoot a show and regardless of earning some money, it really makes my evening (even week) and I walk home late afterwards smiling and kind of trotting to a beat. I am sure everyone can relate to the experience of singing a song you have just heard over and over again. I love it. I love live music, especially when it is as good and as thought out as this. Amazing.

White Lies …. Check them out.


















UPDATE: I found this video on YouTube from the night and thought I would add it here. INCREDIBLE show.

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  1. James Adams
    James Adams says:

    Unbelievable. Wow. Did you only shoot for the first 3 songs? The best lighting seems like it would be at the end when they wall of lights appeared. Thank you for these.

  2. Marcus Maschwitz
    Marcus Maschwitz says:

    Thanks James. LOVED this show as you can tell. I did only shoot for the first 3 songs but it was rad to enjoy the show from the crowd too. I WISH I shot for the last few songs with the wall. That was the best thing I have ever seen at a show. Man alive. Haha.

  3. rosie
    rosie says:

    These are some awesome pictures of a band i really love. the lights don’t seem to have caused you to much of a problem – i think they reflected the feelings of the songs. Great work


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