18 November 2009 – I had been looking forward to tonight since the last time I shot with the guys from White Rabbits because the last show was incredible and I have since really gotten into their music.

Earlier today I met with the guys to shoot some quick portraits for an interview that they had done and I ended up staying for a bit of their sound check which I really enjoyed because it felt like my own private show. That got me even more excited for tonight so I raced home to drop off my gear, eat dinner and spend some time with my misses before I headed out with only my camera to the show.

The start of their set is like a slap in the face because it immediately makes you concentrate on what they are doing. You almost forget about everything else and just pay attention to the music. I have seen and worked with so many bands over the years and these guys have without doubt made their way close to the top of my list of live favourites. The stage seemed really small for the six of them with all their gear but they didn’t seem to mind and the only way I can describe the live show is to almost compare it to a rehearsal as if the guys are together in their own room just jamming together perfectly and the lucky audience gets to witness it.

They have just announced the UK release of their album that will be happening in January next year which is really exciting because that means the guys will be playing here again soon and I will definitely be at their show. They represent what I imagine live music to be about and you should definitely check them out.

The venue was really intimate without a photo pit which is fine but a little hard to work in when there is so many people crammed in the space. I couldn’t really move from where I was so unfortunately I couldn’t get good shots of all the guys but there are a few shots that I really like. These are a few of them.


















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