28 July 2009 – Tonight was INTERESTING. I stumbled across White Rabbits about 2 months ago accidentally and I cannot even remember how but for some reason I came across their music video for their single Percussion Gun and I was hooked immediately.

The music video and the song reminded me of all the stuff I love about Mute Math and I bought their latest album (It’s Frightening) the next day and it has been played hundreds of times through in my office. It’s good but I had a feeling, for some reason, that their live show was going to kill the album and just put it all into perspective for me. Tonight was that night. I shot a review for Clink Music Magazine of their show in London which was at a small venue just off Old Street tube station called Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. We arrived at the venue and while the band was setting up I started noticing their equipment and within seconds I knew that tonight would be something good. I couldn’t wait and it seemed that neither could the crowd jammed into the venue.

The first song started with a really chilled intro and with everyone tapping their feet I joined in. It was good and so clear and then all of a sudden the drummer, Jamie, yelled one, two, three and all hell broke loose … but in an amazing way. The kind of way that I will never ever be able to describe on here, and sadly that so many people will never get the chance to experience. The first thing that popped in my mind was “why isn’t the venue bigger” and I think that it’s just the early stages for these guys. I think the next time I see them (which cannot come soon enough) will be in a bigger venue and it is just going to take on from there.

I spoke with a couple of the guys after the show and they were all really nice guys and I got the feeling of REALNESS that they really appreciate the positive feedback and that they just enjoy doing what they are doing. I loved the show and cannot help but wish them the biggest returns on their efforts so that they can keep growing and I can be sure that their music will keep flowing. I am going to try and arrange to shoot some portraits with them the next time they are in London but until then these are a few shots of their live show.

If you haven’t heard of them before, do yourself a favour and check them out on their myspace at www.myspace.com/whiterabbits and be sure to go see their next live show so that you too can be blown away.

For me there live show sums up everything that I think a live show should be and it is definitely joining my list of favourites except this is one of the ones that will need to be printed in a permanent ink because it will stay there for a LONG time.



















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