03 December 2009 – Tonight I shot photographs of Zebra and Giraffe as they opened for The Killers in Johannesburg at The Dome. These guys are one of my favourite bands that I have worked with and it has been over a year since I had seen them last play.

I am currently out in South Africa for a few work projects and last week as I landed in town, I had a day shoot with the guys which was incredible. Besides catching up after almost a year we all had a good time shooting a great concept at a great location and I will be getting some of these up shortly. Anyway, this post is about their set tonight and although it was short, it was powerful and amazing to witness. The stage was extremely high and the lighting was quite hard to work with but I tried my best to focus on what was going on so that I could capture some of what they were doing without getting in the way. It was also really interesting having to negotiate with the untrained security that hadn’t been correctly briefed before the show. I hate that. Haha.

All I can say is that these guys deserve a lot more credit than they already receive and I keep getting more and more excited each time that I get to work with them because I really feel that they have incredible potential. I look forward to seeing where they will be next and what they are going to come up with in the future so make sure to check them out.

























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  1. Ange
    Ange says:

    I was there, It was fracking legendary, not just the Killers, but these dudes too.
    It was the second time I’ve seen them live, and they just keep getting better and better.

  2. ravi
    ravi says:

    Totally agree with what you said above Marcus. They’re going to get much bigger… It’s amazing to see what they’ve accomplised in the last year since their first gig at Oppikoppi last year August… If anyone has been to their gigs regularly then you would have noticed that they think about their live performances and are continually improving it.

    Their set at the Cape Town leg of the Killers show has got to be the best I’ve seen them… Can’t wait to hear new material from them…

    P.S. Love the second last shot(the one of Alan and the crowd), its kinda epic in a way which i cannot explain…

  3. Byron Rode Photography
    Byron Rode Photography says:

    Hey dude,
    Sent you a long comment saying how much I love these and it went into the abyss that is the internet.
    But just wanted to tell you how rad these are. Love the lighting. Hope you had a rad trip here.
    See you soon.

  4. keli
    keli says:

    no matter how high the stage, how dark the lights, you will always see the vision that is yours, which just so happens to be AWESOME!XXXXXXXXXX

  5. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    Yet again, awesome work!

    Zebra and Giraffe are one of the hardest working and most incredible local (South African) acts and I think they will go far.

    I love the way you used the lighting. Very cool! Looking forward to see the other work you are doing in SA.


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