It’s been long since I really blogged properly but I have been super busy with work catching up after a super holiday in Europe with my dad. I played “happy snapper” on holiday and only used my little Lumix camera to shoot photographs which was really strange but fun and relaxing for once.

Anyway, I shot some photographs with the guys from Zebra and Giraffe last night. They are just about to launch their live act as a band and it’s starting to get exciting. I had an idea while on the plane back from the UK of a photo that I wanted to shoot and the guys agreed to let me give it a try. The only problem was that it was SUPER dark and SUPER cold last night so it was a LOT harder to shoot than I had thought. I couldn’t see what I had in my frame and I couldn’t see if the flash units were set at the right setting and so on. I got a few really cool shots though so I guess it was a success. Next time I won’t care about the people sleeping nearby and rather take my generator along to give us some light.

Check out Zebra and Giraffe if you haven’t yet.

Hope you all well, M

zebra and giraffe as a band in a forest photographed by marcus maschwitz

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  1. ravi
    ravi says:

    dude, this is freaking brilliant man… really like the idea.. and execution… uber cool… can’t wait to see them live at the alexander with Harris Tweed… thinks its going to be awesome…


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