The boys from the amazing Zebra and Giraffe just did an online interview and one of my portraits for Greg was used. I really love this photograph so I have decided to post it on here. I shot this at the end of last year (2008) just before I moved to the UK. We were shooting their music video for Oxymoron and during scene changes I shot a few portraits of the guys through my Yashica. Basically I set up my Yashica Mat-124G Camera on a tripod and focused it as I normally would and then I took my nikon D3 with my 60mm Micro lens attached and photographed the viewfinder of the Yashica. So essentially this is a photo of what was I could see through the set up old amazing medium format camera.

Anyway, this is a grab of the interview but you can see the actual one on here so check it out. The boys are on their way to Kenya this weekend for the MTV Africa Music Awards so I am holding thumbs that they take over there.


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