01 February 2013 – I’ve worked with Zebra & Giraffe several times since the band started out and I was excited to work with them again on some new imagery for their most recent release of “The Wisest Ones”.

Greg approached me with a lot of visual ideas that he had while writing the lyrics to a lot of the tracks and we exchanged several ideas on email before I flew over to South African to work on this.

This was definitely one of my favourite shoots especially in terms of the results because I feel every shot we did was beautiful and mostly usable with very little retouching … pretty much just some colour correction and skin clean-ups.

A few of the shots were used in the album artwork and tour posters which has been really exciting but I haven’t even had chance to go through all the images yet because we shot so many on the day.

These are just a few of my favourites.

Make sure to check these guys out … they’re based in South Africa but I feel their sound is way beyond that and they will be breaking ground around the rest of the world soon.






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  1. Jaz Roberts
    Jaz Roberts says:

    Hi, I’ve just come accross these images whilst doing a project for uni. They are so great! I think they are really magical looking and creative! What did you use to create the smokey affect? And also where would you shoot something like this? I would really like to do something like this for my final majour project at uni but am affraid to do this in the black studio at my uni due to the amout of mess!


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