Yesterday I worked as the DOP (Director of Photography) for the new Zebra and Giraffe music video for their song Oxymoron. I think the stuff we did really is amazing and think that it will look incredible when it’s finished but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to get it done.

Anyway, I shot some still portraits of each of the band members during scene change and think that they came out really awesome. They are super different and dirty but that is how I wanted them to be.

Hope you well and all having a good week. I am feeling sick with flu so I am going to sleep now.

Chat soon, Marcus

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  1. Ernie Chang
    Ernie Chang says:

    These are great!!! your band/artist photography is just on another level.
    OH I wanted to ask…on the zebra giraffe series…you added texture on some of them – what sources do you use on them? and what sort of blending modes do you use?

  2. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Thanks so much everyone. I am really stoked on these photos. Had to try something different. Thomas, I was busy shooting some photographs with my old Yashica twin reflex camera and loved the way that it looked in the finder so I used my D3 with a 60mm macro lens to photograph the viewfinder. It is all inverted because that is how it looks through the camera itself and that is why I haven’t inverted them because in theory they will actually be wrong.


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