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In a Dungeon

I watched Life Through A Lens (about Annie Leibovitz) about a month ago and it really is inspirational. I found myself rethinking so many of the shoots I have done in the passed and wondering how I could have shot them differently. I got married…
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Mad Scientist

On set of the music video that I shot at yesterday for Zebra and Giraffe, I shot some photographs of an actor playing as a mad scientist. I love this portrait and everything about it. The "scientist" is standing in a lab set behind broken glass.…
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My buddy Alan is playing in the band Cassette for a bit and I went last night to shoot photographs of them playing at the new Mini launch. He's a proper rocker and they are super fun to watch live.
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I just got back from a photo shoot that I did with the guys from the band Bloodline Ltd and I am super happy with the results. The photographs are being used for their upcoming album which will be hitting stores soon so I don't want to put any…

Music at Bemo

Ok, so here are just a few photos from our little music hangout session from thursday. Alan and Rob were making music and Juan was just making us laugh and I shot some pictures. Was fun hanging out, work has been TOTALLY crazy and it was a good…
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Alan Shenton

I have been friends with Alan for ages and he really is a guy with such an amazing mind way more mature than his age. He plays guitar for Harris Tweed and every other time that he can. I have been wanting to shoot a photo with him for quite…
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John is a Legend

This weekend I went to Sun City for the Positive Rocks Event and shot hundreds of photo's which was really fun. John Legend played as the headline for the event and I really wanted to shoot some of him for my portfolio which I did and I am super…

Is He Smiling ?

I cannot believe it, we got Darryl (Boss) to smile while rocking out with his bass!!! Actually, I am just taking the piss and it was super funny having everyone tease him about his concentration on stage. That night, he let go and busted out…

Good Lighting

Seeing as I shoot the Tweeds a lot and enjoy working and hanging with them, all the boys sat down and spoke about lighting for a bit. They let me set up the lights the way that I wanted for their show at Zula Bar in Long Street and I shot some…
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1000 Drawings

For those of you who don't know, tomorrow is the Night of 1000 Drawings exhibition. It is all for a charity and definitely the coolest way to raise money ever. Basically people submitted drawings, photos and just other random art peices on A5…