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Claymation Station

For some weird reason, I have never shot photos with Clayton skating. I love the way he does so it really is quite dumb. We skated with the locals now on our trip and I shot some photos of him skating and it was really rad pushing ourselves…

Session Issue 25

Ok, this is crazy that Moses gets 3 posts in a row but I thought I should post the interview that he had in Session Magazines Issue 25. I never wanted to post it before as I wanted to wait until the magazine comes off shelf so that everyone…

Sunrise Ollie

I shot this photo of Braxton yesterday morning at around 7:15am which is insane considering how cold it is and how little sleep I have been getting. Anyway, we had to go early so that we don't get kicked out and to avoid traffic and people.…

G Town Bowl

Shot some photos yesterday for the next Session issue and had quite a fun time with the boys. These two are from Germiston Bowl where we arent ever really welcome by the locals but we all had a good time. Love the colour of these.

Greenstone Session

I shot this photo skating the new mall with Rudi. It's not what I pictured it to be like so I never continued shooting. It came out quite cool though.
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Broke Foot

This really isn't an amazing / creative photo but I just find it to be one of the most shocking I have ever shot. This was a while back of a guy who snapped his ankle skateboarding. Makes me so glad I have never done that.

Mozi went to Jozi

I am going to Cape Town this weekend to shoot an interview with Moses Adams for the next Session Magazine and I am super excited. I love that little guy and just enjoy watching him skate so much. I really feel privelleged that I am getting to…
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My Setup

Ok, as random as this may seem, I have had this idea in my head to shoot my board and shoe/s together on the floor for some time. It really has been something I keep thinking about at a weird and inconvenient time so it just hasn't happened…
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1000 Drawings

For those of you who don't know, tomorrow is the Night of 1000 Drawings exhibition. It is all for a charity and definitely the coolest way to raise money ever. Basically people submitted drawings, photos and just other random art peices on A5…
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Children of the Damned Portraits

During December last year (2005), I joined the Revolution / KFD Team for a skateboard tour and I shot these portraits of the team in the Johannesburg warehouse at the start of it. I liked these photographs a lot and decided to post them because…