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Crazy Sunset

As anyone who follows my work will know, I have a thing for sunsets and they sky and clouds. I nag my poor wife everyday to look at the sky and I can see her expression everytime. Today though, I felt like I should really make sure she looks…

Sunset in Muldersdrift

I shot some photographs with my friend Nick on friday afternoon at his compound in Muldersdrift and the sunset was awesome. I shot these two photos just because I thought they looked good. I will post some of him riding now.
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Johannesburg Skyline

I shot this skyline of Johannesburg the other day from the rooftop of my friends building during sunset. I was busy with a shoot and saw this and ran up to catch a shot. The sun goes down super quickly in winter though.You can read up more…
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African Bush Adventures

Ok, I have to admit that I have been slack and that these photographs should have been up ages ago. It's just been ridiculously busy here and I am trying to save for a wedding so please excuse me. Haha.I am still busy but just missing this…
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12 November 2007

For some reason the sunset has been amazing a few days in a row. It's great but now I look like a sunset addict or something. Haha. I shot this about 5 minutes ago off the roof again and really love the way the clouds look and the sun rays.On…
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Sunset and Rain Panoramic

My buddy Alan smsed me this afternoon to tell me to have a look at the sunset. Funnily, I was already up on the roof shooting it. He is a videographer and we always let each other know when we see something amazing. So this photo is a panoramic…
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Johannesburg Sunset

The sunset tonight was really amazing over Johannesburg. I sadly wasn't close enough to town to get the photo I would really have liked to shoot so this one will have to do. I just photographed it from my roof after getting a call from the misses…