One of my favourite things is shooting on 120 film but unfortunately the last bunch of scans have been really terrible and it’s put me off completely. I’ve tried a few different stores and all of them say they work only in high res so I send films off, wait a week (or two) and then I pay (a lot) and get home only to find crappy quality low resolution scans. It sucks and in the 3 years I’ve been here I haven’t found one place that actually does it right.

Anyway, I had a shoot with El Wood the other day for Beau & Arrow (will post more later) and I shot off a few 120’s to finish a roll and this reminded me that I need to push to find a proper place to scan these for me in future so I can use it more. Film is rad because you don’t have to edit … I love that.

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations of a place that I should be using then PLEASE do let me know.

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