First test shot with my 38mm Diana F+ lens

It was my birthday this week and my misses got me the Diana F+ Lens Adaptor for my Baby along with the Diana+ 38mm Plastic Lens which is super cool because I have wanted the kit for ages.

Today I ran out to meet her for a quick lunch and decided to give it the first test although the sky was super boring so I only really took a few shots. I battle to shoot if it just looks crap. Haha. This is one that I kind of like of Southwark Cathedral. I found it quite difficult to see if the image was in focus or not but I guess that is the joys of shooting with plastic. The aperture for the lens is locked on F3.5 and this images was taken at 1/1000th at ISO800 to give it a bit of grain although you cannot really see that in this low res photo.

The image is straight from my camera without processing or editing and just a quick resize and watermark. Cannot wait to use this on a sunny day and experiment with some Profoto Lighting.

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