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JP Du Preez is Rock and Roll

I shot a conversation styled article with JP Du Preez that is featured in the current issue of Session Skateboarding Magazine. I love shooting with JP and just hanging out with him, he is one of my favourite skateboarders ever, and honestly one of the nicest guys ever. No one has more fun on a board than him and it’s amazing just watching him do what he does. Go buy the magazine now, it’s really a rad issue and goes off shelves in the next few days. Anyway, these are the photo’s that are featured of him as well as a few that I really like. Keep an eye out for JP, he’s going to make it huge.

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  1. Alan Kalan
    Alan Kalan says:


    You don’t know me but i was searching the web for some pro skaters in the country and your name came up. I was wondering if you might be able to assist me with some info. I am an event organiser and we are planning an event in Nespruit (Riverside Mall) and we would like to include a temporary skate park or Rollerblade park. I am looking for someone that could set up some kind of flooring for the event. Would you know of someone in this line of work and could you please forward their details to me. Your co-operation in this matter will be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks
    Alan KAlan


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