Kane in a Month

It’s been a while since I posted some personal stuff so this is my attempt and a start of more to come.

My Friends Jude and Trysie had a beautiful little boy together (Kane) and that was just over a month ago. He is amazing and just too cool. I have wanted to shoot photos of him since he was born but things have obviously been a little crazy as they adjust to having him around and making sure to keep him safe. We decided to try shoot some quick spontaneously at probably the worst time because he was ready to sleep and his big sister was really not happy that he was getting all the attention. Anyway, I shot a few that came out alright but I hate posting stuff that I am not really happy with so I am going to make sure to do this again soon and then get some really good ones up although I do think that these are cute.

I wish my friends all the best in being his new parents. We love you guys so much and are really here if you need anything.



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