After a really hectic and amazing 2009 I decided to take the first few weeks of this year to try and catch up on personal projects while bands are in recording and prepping for tour. As is always the case, personal projects just get pushed aside when deadlines come into play and I always do my best to help the people I work with where I can. So much for the short break and as of tomorrow (hopefully my flu passes) everything will be back into full swing and I am super excited to push this year.

This week tuesday The South African hit news stands featuring an interview about myself and my work here in London. The South African is a newspaper aimed at Global South Africans living and working in London so it is a privilege for me that they have taken interest in my photography work here. An online version of the article is available to read here and I think it turned out quite nicely.

Then the next exciting bit of news that I have is that this week I took delivery of my new Profoto babies and I am already in love. Haha. The guys from Profoto were really nice to post a short feature about me using their gear on a recent photo shoot that I had with the guys from Zebra and Giraffe while out in South Africa. You can check out the feature on the Profoto blog.

Other than that, I hope everyone is having a good start to the year. Thank you again for all your support and please check back soon for some new work updates. Marcus

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