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New Volume – The Lucky Ones video and BTS

I’ve been working with the guys in New Volume for years now and we had big plans for their lastest music video, but Covid-19 completely ruined that plan … the drummer (Adam) had his flight cancelled, from Copenhagen, which means we had to reschedule. We started thinking of a new date and it was announced, in the UK, that we were getting locked down in the next few days. We decided to rework things and shoot another video for a different single just to get something out during this crazy time.

Collectively we went for “They Lucky Ones”, then planned and shot it all in a day/night. It was freezing cold, extremely windy and really weird because everything had already started closing down.

I love this track a lot and am really happy with how the music video came out. It would’ve been nice to have shot using a different vehicle but we ended up going with my car just so we actually had one.

Here is the music video. Please give it a watch/listen.

Ryan managed to shoot a behind-the-scenes video of what it was like shooting/making the music video and it’s quite a laugh. Give this a watch too.