I had a really cool shoot with the guys from a band called Wildcard this passed Friday and even though I was limping around like a fool (wakeboarding injury), it was really a good time. The guys are super cool and I have not seen a new (up and coming) band so dedicated as they are so early in their journey. It is really a pleasure to witness and I always feel proud and excited to be a part of something like this.

Anyway, the location was close to my wife’s work so I asked her to meet up with us after her day and she did. The last location we shot at was in this really cool tunnel and I thought it would be funny to dress my girl up in the bands (and my) clothes so I could photograph her being a fake band member. I really like this photo of her just while I was light testing so I had to put it up.

She’s my everything. Check out Wildcard if you have a chance but you will definitely be hearing more of them in the future.


Currently listening to : Brand New – The Archer’s Bows Have Broken

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