Red Bull

Red Bull is one of the most exciting brands in the world. This is because the scope of their involvement is massive and the opportunities for work and collaborating are endless. Most of the work which I have photographed for them has been in the music industry but over time has also expanded into freestyle motocross, skateboarding, portraits and television.

Specific projects include: the album release for Disclosure; Red Bull Culture Clash; Hangar-7; Red Bull X-Fighters; Restaurant Ikarus; Red Bull Bedroom Jam; Red Bull Records; Future Underground; Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championships, The Cut; Servus TV and Red Bull Studios.

Most of the photographs are shot specifically for the Red Bull Content Pool with the sole purpose of promoting the artist, rider, event and/or feature. In addition to this, specific images would be used internally between Red Bull and their partners.

This is an ongoing project which I will keep adding to as it progresses.