I have been shooting an interview of JP du Preez for the next issue of Session Magazine and it’s really been super fun. JP is an amazing skater and an amazing all round humble guy. I shot this tonight.

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  1. kristy
    kristy says:

    haahaha, damn boy u look good =]
    i cant believe i kinda almost dated u… but like u said, im to much of a woman 4 u…
    now u a big shot in jhb, never come visit no more..

    nice pics photographer dude

    oh hello im writting a freaking essay here, whoop whoop, yeh i am bored

    look, a bunny

  2. zack
    zack says:

    Dude. You rock on. Want you to teach me how to skate. I skate every Saturday at the Sasolburg Public Library so please come teach me some moves man and we can skate together. You Rock!


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