Sunday Morning in Newtown

This passed Sunday Rudi and I went to Newtown to drink some coffee, eat some breakfast and just walk around and enjoy the streets of Joburg. It was super cool and such a rad day outside, felt good to leave the office.Sitting at a pavement coffee shop in newtown on a sunday photographed by Marcus MaschwitzWalking around the streets in Newtown on a Sunday photographed by Marcus MaschwitzA photographer taking a picture of a basketball hoop photographed by Marcus MaschwitzA sign on Bree Street in Newtown Johannesburg photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

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  1. Jack Birch
    Jack Birch says:

    Hi Marcus

    Today I went to Nick de Wit’s FMX park as part of an article I’m working on for our local Caxton paper. A few minutes ago, I googled Nick de Wit, and in the images section was a pic of him. I clicked on it, since it was an eye-catching photo, and it led me to your blog.

    I was blown away. Seriously, I did not know it was possible to do these things with a camera. Having been a journalist for a little over a year now, I am totally shocked. Alright, I know nothing about my camera (Panasonic FZ50), or its settings, but I thought my photos were pretty good. A quick look at your pics (sunset at that lodge, the moon, 30 Seconds to Mars guy, even cosmos flowers) has shown me there is so much more to photography than point and shoot. I don’t know where to start learning, but I will.

    So yeah, I guess I’m a fan now. Thanks buddy, keep shooting, for people like me.



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