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Alan Shenton in Maboneng

I was in South Africa last month for shoots (and to sneakily spend some time with my family) and I was really excited to shoot some stuff with my good friend Alan. Alan and I used to own a visual production company together while I was based…

Shenton View

My buddy Alan plays in a band called Zebra & Giraffe and I've known him for years. He's a great guy and even though he is quite a bit younger than me, I really look up to him with a lot of stuff.He's played in many bands over the years and…

Interview / Feature in Quint Magazine

There is a great magazine being put together in Dubai called Quint Magazine and they currently just released their 12th issue which is a music themed issue. The team over at Quint contacted me to run a feature on my work in the music industry…

The Boys

Rode with the boys to the dam today and it was super fun and muddy. I shot this under a train bridge on our way there. What a fun day.

Sunset Dance

Wow, I am getting really good at this. So many blogs in so little time. I should get a back tap here. Haha.Shot these with Alan, Andrew and Jane from Cassette on the roof of SABC during sunset last night. Was super hard to get up there so…
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In a Dungeon

I watched Life Through A Lens (about Annie Leibovitz) about a month ago and it really is inspirational. I found myself rethinking so many of the shoots I have done in the passed and wondering how I could have shot them differently. I got married…

Macbooking It

Haha, this post is going to create laughs. I have been mocked for ages now about still using a PC and after using Alan's Mac for about an hour I was sold and I bought myself one. This photo is of Alan, Nantz and myself working in my lounge,…
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My Two Wheels

I went to the Coke Fest yesterday with Alan and Claire and it was super fun kicking it with them like it always is. I have named this blog as is because I was the third wheel yesterday but its all good. Always rad when a couple doesn't make…
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My buddy Alan is playing in the band Cassette for a bit and I went last night to shoot photographs of them playing at the new Mini launch. He's a proper rocker and they are super fun to watch live.

Music at Bemo

Ok, so here are just a few photos from our little music hangout session from thursday. Alan and Rob were making music and Juan was just making us laugh and I shot some pictures. Was fun hanging out, work has been TOTALLY crazy and it was a good…

Wall Light Portraits

My friend Bradley is getting married in less than 2 weeks so we all went to the Vaal Dam this weekend to enjoy some time with him as a bachelor. It rained a WHOLE bunch so I shot some portraits of him and Alan on the porch standing under a light…
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Alan Shenton

I have been friends with Alan for ages and he really is a guy with such an amazing mind way more mature than his age. He plays guitar for Harris Tweed and every other time that he can. I have been wanting to shoot a photo with him for quite…