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Interview / Feature in Quint Magazine

There is a great magazine being put together in Dubai called Quint Magazine and they currently just released their 12th issue which is a music themed issue. The team over at Quint contacted me to run a feature on my work in the music industry…
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Interview in Stencil Magazine

The super nice guys over at Stencil Magazine ran an interview with me about my work which is out in this months current issue.The magazine is free so check it out if you have the time HERE.Thanks guys.
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Interview about my work with Bluntmag

A few weeks ago, the editor from Bluntmag regarding my photograph and the work that I am doing in the music industry here in London. I always feel weird with stuff like this because I don't ever want to come across arrogant or anything like…

Eric Wright under a Bridge

21 December 2008 - I worked with Eric Wright, bass player for the band Swivel Foot, and he is a super cool guy. I have wanted to shoot with him for a while because I really like his look and his love for the music he plays. We photographed…

The New Wrights

My friends Eric and Adel got married yesterday (twice) and I shot some photographs with them. It was SUPER hard because the rain came down like never before and gave us really no time at all to play. The day was still super fun though. I haven't…