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My Criminal Damage Ad in Drapers

I just got an MMS from one of the guys at Criminal Damage with a pic of a full page advert that I shot for them that is currently in Drapers Magazine. The two models are Natalie McQueen from Farewell City and Alfie Scully from We Are The Ocean,…
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Criminal Damage POS

I shot a bunch of stuff for the guys at Criminal Damage the other day for them to use in some up and coming adverts and point of sale (POS) marketing material. It is pretty standard and pretty plain in a white studio with a few members from…
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Criminal Damage Clothing Line

Last week I photographed some of the new Criminal Damage clothing line to be used for marketing images. We were really rushed for time so it was all a little chaotic but I photographed the models on a white screen and they used the images to…