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I have been running around London like a fool for the last few days and it's been really amazing. The weather was perfect every single day and everything just worked out as best as it could've. I sadly bumped my camera off a bridge into the…
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Tattoo Day

Jude got his sleeve finished off on saturday and I shot a few photo's. I cant remember the details of the place so I will add that a bit later. Yogie was the tattoo artist and he is from Mexico. He really was such an interesting guy.

London Sunset

I am staying with my friends, Jude and Trysie, at their home in Colliers Wood in London and the day before yesterday was one of the nicest sunsets I have ever seen. I shot a few photos but don't have my raw software with me so it's not as nice…

Flying Nationwide

I love flying so much. This is a photo I shot on wednesday night on the Nationwide Airlines flight I had to London.

8994km away from Home

Anja has been making a cool scrap book of our trip to London and I saw this photo yesterday that we shot together in Leicester Square aiming towards our home. It's actually to Pretoria and we stay in Johannesburg but it is close enough when…

Wet London

Ok, so I tried something new the other day when we were on the bus through London. It was raining but really a good day so I had to make sure to get some stuff for our memory book. Black and white is amazing .....

My Chicken Sauce at FFC

We went to visit my friend, Jude, at Fulham Football Club last week and it is right on the river Thames. Anyway, he took us on the raddest personal tour of the club and it was such a good day together. I don't know much about soccer but they…

London Baby ……. 001

Not much else to say except for "London Baby". Decided to take my camera out yesterday for a bit so these are some of the photos. Will be shooting a lot more as the days go on but it is hard to try shoot pro stuff when we are running around…