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Roadtripping to Woodstock

I did a little road trip to Harrismith on saturday morning to shoot some band photographs at Woodstock 9. Unfortunately I had a work emergency that forced me to leave earlier than I had hoped so I never got to shoot most of the bands that I…
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12 November 2007

For some reason the sunset has been amazing a few days in a row. It's great but now I look like a sunset addict or something. Haha. I shot this about 5 minutes ago off the roof again and really love the way the clouds look and the sun rays.On…
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Sunset and Rain Panoramic

My buddy Alan smsed me this afternoon to tell me to have a look at the sunset. Funnily, I was already up on the roof shooting it. He is a videographer and we always let each other know when we see something amazing. So this photo is a panoramic…

Wilderness Sky

I was shooting in Wilderness and Knysna over the weekend for a client but cannot show any of the stuff until it all goes out first. Anyway, I couldn't believe that it was my first trip down there and I really think that it is the most beautiful…

Flying home from George

I was working in Wilderness / Knysna this weekend shooting for a new guesthouse that will be opening up this month called iKhaya Wilderness. It was my first time down there and it really is amazing. Anyway, I flew back today with Nationwide…
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Johannesburg Sunset

The sunset tonight was really amazing over Johannesburg. I sadly wasn't close enough to town to get the photo I would really have liked to shoot so this one will have to do. I just photographed it from my roof after getting a call from the misses…

Signal Hill

For some reason the weather in Cape Town is always amazing when I am there. Friday was another day like that so we drove up to the top of Signal Hill just to enjoy the view and I shot these two photographs of a tree with some guinea fowl running…

Cloudy Sunset in Lakeside

I shot these photographs during another shoot. I have this thing for sunsets and even more for clouds so I had to try and capture some of what was going on.

London Sunset

I am staying with my friends, Jude and Trysie, at their home in Colliers Wood in London and the day before yesterday was one of the nicest sunsets I have ever seen. I shot a few photos but don't have my raw software with me so it's not as nice…

Flying Nationwide

I love flying so much. This is a photo I shot on wednesday night on the Nationwide Airlines flight I had to London.


I have again shot way too many photos from the trip but really wanted to put some up so I have randomly selected a few and these are them. Mauritius is beautiful and our trip was amazing. I will try post more when I get a gap but I have a lot…

In the Air

I have flown a lot of times and still get so excited every single time. Take off, landing, flying and everything else, it's so mind blowing for me. I shot these two photos out the window on the way to Mauritius last week.