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Loving the Sunsets

Man o man, I am loving the sunsets lately. They are SO strong and so beautiful. This is from tonight. Love it love it. Apologies for shooting so many sunsets lately, hope I am not boring you.

Two Months and Counting

I was driving with Rudi this afternoon and the sunset was really amazing. I was so upset because I never had my camera with me which is always the case when there is an amazing sunset or something worth taking a photo of. Rudi had his with him…

Our Little Home

My new wife and I are moving to the UK at the end of this year and we had to find a place to live for the next two months. We made a super cool little home and are loving living there together. This is the sunset from yesterday.

Sunset Dance

Wow, I am getting really good at this. So many blogs in so little time. I should get a back tap here. Haha.Shot these with Alan, Andrew and Jane from Cassette on the roof of SABC during sunset last night. Was super hard to get up there so…

Dean Back Salad

I shot a photo with my buddy Dean yesterday at sunset just because I love that guy. Here is one of them.Found a place to move to today. Yay, hope its alright. Will take some photos later.Have a good day, Marcus
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Sunset Shoot

I was shooting photos at sunset today of a factory for a client of mine and shot this sunset and some leaves on the floor while I waited for the right time. Hope you all well, M

Sunset in Muldersdrift

I shot some photographs with my friend Nick on friday afternoon at his compound in Muldersdrift and the sunset was awesome. I shot these two photos just because I thought they looked good. I will post some of him riding now.

Sunset with Dean Marais

My chest has packed up as it always seems to do this time of the year so that means no skateboarding for me for a while. Its really not that fun and laying in bed really isn't my best thing to do. Decided to use some of the time yesterday to…

Winter Sunset

There is just something about winter that I like. Ok, don't get me wrong, winter in Johannesburg has it's downers especially because it becomes so dry and brown and it looks kind of sad. I am talking about thing like how good it feels when you…
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African Bush Adventures

Ok, I have to admit that I have been slack and that these photographs should have been up ages ago. It's just been ridiculously busy here and I am trying to save for a wedding so please excuse me. Haha.I am still busy but just missing this…

The Light

I have already posted a photograph of this street light before and I think that photograph worked well, but when I was shooting there again on saturday, the sky was super cloudy but so boring and grey. I decided to try something different and…

Sunset Again

Yesterday was yet another amazing sunset while driving in traffic. I was behind buildings and it too me forever to pass a spot where I could actually see it properly and sadly it was a little too late to get the actual sun before it said goodnight…