This weekend was a super rushed but special one with a really good get away. Two important people in my life got married in Corfu on saturday and it was really amazing and just perfect. The weather was hotter than I ever remember it being in my life and after realizing that it wasn’t a joke I made my best to try and ignore the millions of liters of sweat coming out of my body, cleared my eyes and shot some photos while witnessing a truly special day with a bunch of special friends.

To Nik and Keli, congratulations on your unity and ALL the best for this new chapter in your guys lives. Thank you for including us in it and being just like family to us. We love you guys lots.

I will post more photos of the wedding at a later stage but I want to first show the couple before I do this and just wanted to get one up quick while I log and back up the 22gigs of the day.


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