Tuti Ogiman imagined by my girl

The lovely Dan Walsh has been painting monsters to raise money for the NHS. I love this idea so much and get excited every day a new painting is posted on his Instagram account. A few days ago my daughter mentioned “the” monster when she woke up. I asked her about it, with hope of getting some descriptions, and this is what she came up with … He looks like a carrot soup flamingo with goat horns, goat feet and unicorn wings. He lives in Hasburgs (Hastings), in the cupboard under the stairs, and he plays on the carousel with everyone.

So funny and so mad. Her imagination is the best.

Thank you so much Dan for making this bad boy real for us to keep. Look him up, he’s work is amazing.

Dan Walsh raising money for the NHS by drawing monsters

UPDATE: I’ve just seen that the total he’s raised so far is £3,475. AMAZING!

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