Warehouse Sessions

Lately, Rudi and I have tried skateboarding again and the only thing that always puts me off is the “cool” dudes and the rubbish park facilities we have in South Africa. We decided a while back to try and make our own plan and make some obstacles that we could use by ourselves and not have to worry about everything else. This is a box we made and the photo is of Rudi doing one of his textbook crooked grinds on it in our secret warehouse. Haharudi jeggle crooked grind on a box in a warehouse in johannesburg photographed by marcus maschwitz

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  1. Rudi Jeggle
    Rudi Jeggle says:

    Awesome! It is pretty much TEXT BOOK, if I do say so myself! Haha! Love this picture! Nicely done! I meant me! Just kidding! Lets do it again soon!
    Peace out!


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