Archives for June, 2007

Snow in JHB

Sure everyone knows that snow fell in Johannesburg yesterday morning. I really never got much sleep the night before so when my mom woke me up to shoot photo’s, I was not the happiest man alive and didn’t really care much for this. Although this isn’t well shot or anything like that, this photo gets me really excited. Yay for happy times.

Nationwide Airlines Head Office

Been working at Nationwide Airlines A LOT lately. Been really strenuous but got to shoot a cool photo of the head office on tuesday as the sun was setting. This was the night that snow fell in JHB. I like it.

Soviet Skinny’s

I shot some stuff for my friends over at Soviet Jeans and they are going to be run as adverts in the True Love Babe Magazine. They are for a competition they are running on their skinny jeans. I have shown them as is as well as crops of how I like them best. I am so grateful that they are giving me a chance to shoot stuff for them. Gooooooo skinny’s.


I shot this photo a while back with another one I posted but then I read a magazine about Black and White photography and then I processed this one and really really liked it. Clouds and the sky are so amazing. Hope you like….


Again, I been looking through my photographs that I shot while I was in Mozambique and I really like this shot. It doesn’t really have a story or anything interesting but it just grabbed me when I looked at it again. Think it reminds me of the town of Vilanculos. Not sure.

Miss Dey

This photo is of a my friend Tamara. I had to put it up cause I think its such a rad one with the way she is looking at me and with the fountains in the back. She really changes her style and look everytime I have ever seen her. This was shot at the Lost City Hotel.

Wine is so Pouring

Hahaha, I had to just put this up cause this was one of the funniest things I ever had to shoot. Everything was reflecting wrong and it was absolute madness. Eventually I had flashes under the table and ones with tinfoil in my hand and then eventually figured it all out. The final result is awesome but I cannot show it yet as it was for a client but these two are of the process in working.

Crazy Colours

I shot this photo at the London Dungeon while we were in London in May and only really came across it now. It is of a carcass and I really like the way the smoke is lit up all colourful. Different and cool, I think ….


Again, this is an oldie but I have been looking through photographs on my machine to convince my dad that we need to go down to Transkei and ride. This photo was from when I went riding with friends just over 2 years ago and it was one of my most favourite rides ever. This is of my buddy Ross on our last day. The two of us just went out to shoot photographs and mess around on the loan bikes. That was fun for sure. Anyway, that’s all, hopefully I will be posting new stuff on Transkei soon.

John is a Legend

This weekend I went to Sun City for the Positive Rocks Event and shot hundreds of photo’s which was really fun. John Legend played as the headline for the event and I really wanted to shoot some of him for my portfolio which I did and I am super happy with them. It’s always hard shooting international musicians because they are so super strict with accreditation and the photographers are only allowed to shoot for the first 3 songs and everyone is fighting for a position and it’s quite chaos. I had a really good time though and to make this long story short, here are some of the pics.