Pett Leveller from The Red Pig photographed on Pett Level beach
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The Red Pig food truck

I was commissioned to photograph some content for The Red Pig to showcase what they're all about. I love this place, and am a big supporter of it, so this was exciting for me. Things are running slightly differently since lockdown happened and…
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Martin Klein meets Isaac McHale

I was recently commissioned by Red Bull to photograph some images of Chef Martin Klein visiting Chef Isaac McHale. Martin Klein is the Executive Chef for the Ikarus restaurant, at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, and each month they hve a guest chef…
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Andy and The Red Pig

Every now and then I shoot some personal work (when time allows) and most of the time this will be portraits of someone interesting that I meet or of someone just doing something cool ... Andy is both of these. He owns and runs The Red Pig which…
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Lunch at Tsunami

I shot a bunch of photographs for my clients at Tsunami Seafood Emporium today and it was good as always. They really are so good at what they do and I really am always excited shooting for them. This isn't really a good photo but it is what…
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Olive Garden Lunch

I shot some photographs just a few weeks back for my client Indulge as they have now opened their restaurant in Rivonia and it is really amazing. I had a lot going during the time of this shoot with my wedding and actually haven't really looked…
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Restaurant 141

I am busy working through the photographs I shot today at a really new and exciting restaurant that has just opened up in Greenside. It is called Restaurant 141 and Melon Graphics has been contracted to develop their website and I took some…
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Faff Restaurant

Faff Restaurant has just opened up in Norwood and it's awesome. I just shot some photographs for their website launch and this is one of them. Visit the website for more information on Faff and yes, I did eat the food.
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Food glorious food

I shot some photographs the other day for my client (Browns of Rivonia) as they are having a 4 page feature article on them in the British Airways inflight magazine coming out in February 2007. These are just some of the images that I took that…