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The Wild Things shows

I've made it clear, for some time, that I'm a big fan of The Wild Things so any time getting to work with them brings me great joy. They've been working hard as always and played some great shows recently which they booked me for.I love…
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Feeder on tour

Feeder just wrapped up their UK tour and it was great to join them to photograph a few shows and being in that environment again ... it's weird because there were times (over the last 2 years) where I wondered if live music would ever back…
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Raven Drummers

The Raven Drummers are a drumming band/collective based in Hastings and they play (pretty much) every event in Hastings as well as events around the country. I'd always seen them standing out at parades and thought that it would be fun to…

Snatam Kaur at Gracepoint

I was commissioned to photograph Snatam Kaur performing at Gracepoint. This was the first UK performance after a pandemic hiatus, and formed part of her 'Into The Light Tour'.Snatam Kaur is a world-renowned, Grammy-nominated devotional…
Music video for New Volume
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New Volume – Right Now

My friends in New Volume asked me to shoot their next music video for their single "Right Now" and we had fun with this one. It's the first time that Adam (drummer) was able to get a flight over from Sweden, and the first time we could all get…
George Scholey for Red Bull Rubiks Cube World Cup photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

Red Bull Rubiks Cube World Cup

This week was the finals for the Red Bull Rubiks Cube World Cup and I was commissioned to document the event from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. Earlier in the week I photographed portraits of 3 of the finalists (George Scholey, Adam…
The Wild Things 2021 portrait photographed by Marcus Maschwitz
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The Wild Things 2021

I've worked with the band The Wild Things for a few years now and we have a really good relationship that allows us to collaborate with full confidence, and trust, in each other. I've heard the new material they've been working on and felt…
Music video for Dreamkid
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Dreamkid – HDBTSWTH

Dreamkid evolved as a personal project, by Ryan Morris, that was born out of the Covid lockdowns ... I'm a big fan. Ryan sent me so many tracks while he was working on this and it always sounds nostalgic to me. We spoke a lot about visuals and…
Portrait of Lulu Liu
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Lulu Liu for The Islander

I was commissioned by Show Media to photograph a fashion piece for The Islander which is a magazine that they put together, along with Ballymore, for residents of London City Island. The photographs were to accommodate an interview with…
Marcus Maschwitz Rarible NFT artwork

NFT artwork on Rarible

Technology is amazing and we're in a time where sharing/selling/collecting art is so much more accessible than ever before. Rarible is a platform where artists can sell their work online, as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).I've been creating/photographing…
New Volume music video for I Want You by Marcus Maschwitz
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New Volume – I Want You

Earlier this month I directed/shot a music video for the band New Volume. They released their single "I Want You" and trusted me to create the visuals for it. We had several plans for this year but they needed to be amended several times, which…
Favourite 2020 albums

My favourite albums of 2020

This year was mad! So many life adjustments for everyone and learning a new way of life. Although live music died, we were really lucky to be spoilt with some beautiful music ... so many great singles and videos released, as well as some great…