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Lulu Liu for The Islander

Portrait of Lulu Liu

I was commissioned by Show Media to photograph a fashion piece for The Islander which is a magazine that they put together, along with Ballymore, for residents of London City Island. The photographs were to accommodate an interview with Lulu Liu who is an incredible fashion designer.

Something like this always takes a lot of trust and Lulu was really nervous to pose in her own pieces, but I assured her that this is about her and that I’d spend my time making sure she felt comfortable and safe. It didn’t take long to bond and shoot what was needed. I suggested a few ideas that I knew would push Lulu’s comfort zone but she gave me the benefit of the doubt and I love how those shots came out.

The interview is available HERE and is a good read.

Lulu Liu Couture

Lulu Liu fashion portraits

Work by Lulu Liu

Lulu Liu at London City Island

Lulu Liu at work designing

Lulu Liu fashion designs

Lulu Liu photographs

Fashion forward with Lulu Liu