Every now and then I shoot some personal work (when time allows) and most of the time this will be portraits of someone interesting that I meet or of someone just doing something cool … Andy is both of these. He owns and runs The Red Pig which is a pop-up restaurant that gets set up on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) on side of the road that runs between Winchelsea Beach and Pett Level. The restaurant is setup in a food truck / cabin that Andy put together with parts from around the country and inside they delicious food, cakes, coffee and tea that they change and tweak each week.

Besides the beautiful setting, the unique atmosphere and the great food, you’ll be entertained by stories from Andy and the customers that The Red Pig attracts. I love it. I wish I lived closer so I could have breakfast, and my coffee fix, each weekend.

Andy was kind enough to let me take a few portraits of him, in-between serving customers and before the storm kicked in, and this is my favourite.


This is the view from that day before the storm took over.


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