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JHB Town

Been wanting to shoot more and more of town so tried to get a shot tonight just after sunset. The air was quite mirky for some reason and there weren’t any clouds so I am not really that happy with it and will shoot again soon. Shot some randoms of people just crossing the road and cars driving passed and actually really like them. Either way, how beautiful is Joburg town actually. So much more at night.

One more for today

I rushed all my processing today cause I shot a lot of photos over the weekend but decided to work on one properly and convert it to black and white to keep it raw. I really like this photo. Cheri is a good lead and although it must be stressful playing live to a big crowd, this shows she still enjoys it.

The Harris’s Tweed

My friends from Harris Tweed were one of the opening bands for Fall Out Boy at the show on friday evening. As always they were amazing and it seemed as though everyone there thought the same. I really think they are going to go far and make it HUGE soon. Check them out, watch them live, buy their CD or do something to make sure you get to know of them.

Fun Bags

This is Darren from Harris Tweed. He is a proper funny guy and every time I see him, he is happy and laughing. I shot this during their sound check on friday night. I really like this photo a lot and think it shows him the way he is. Fun bags.

Love Jones

I shot a few photos of Love Jones playing at the show on friday night. Sadly I had very little space left on my cards so I never got to shoot as many as I would’ve liked to. I love this band. Live they really pull it off. I don’t know them too well so didn’t really want to get in their way but hoping that I will get to shoot them more and more and can shoot of the rest of the band too. Watch them, you won’t regret it. Check them out on

Alan Shenton

I have been friends with Alan for ages and he really is a guy with such an amazing mind way more mature than his age. He plays guitar for Harris Tweed and every other time that he can. I have been wanting to shoot a photo with him for quite some time now and had an idea in my head but we just haven’t got around to actually doing it. They played with Fall Out Boy at the Dome this passed friday and there was this couch in the Band Room so I shot a few just to pass time and although they aren’t what I was wanting to do, I think they show him quite well. Watch out for him, he has more passion than anyone I have ever known.

Claymation Station

For some weird reason, I have never shot photos with Clayton skating. I love the way he does so it really is quite dumb. We skated with the locals now on our trip and I shot some photos of him skating and it was really rad pushing ourselves and just chilling with the locals. We met a few and they were such cool guys. Again, there are a bunch of these but I just randomly selected these ones. I love the colours. Been trying some new stuff and am liking the results. Hoping to shoot more with him soon.


I have again shot way too many photos from the trip but really wanted to put some up so I have randomly selected a few and these are them. Mauritius is beautiful and our trip was amazing. I will try post more when I get a gap but I have a lot to catch up right now.

In the Air

I have flown a lot of times and still get so excited every single time. Take off, landing, flying and everything else, it’s so mind blowing for me. I shot these two photos out the window on the way to Mauritius last week.

Hard at Work

I am in Mauritius at the moment shooting photos to push my self a bit more. Internet here is really expensive so I am just uploading one photo right now. I shot this as we got to Le Cannonier Hotel and was so excited to see that this is where we’d be staying for the next few days. Amazing. That’s it really, plenty more to show later. Hope you well and all have a good weekend. M