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Another What Now poster

I honestly loved working with the guys from What Now because they’re just super nice guys. They’re definitely doing some really cool stuff at the moment and their new music is something that everyone should be excited about. It’s catchy as hell.

Anyway, I just got sent this poster from a tour they did a while ago that used another one of my photos from our shoot together. You can see more photos from the shoot HERE.

Brendan as a bear

My buddy, Brendan, and I are working on a personal project together and we’ve been messing around, filming and shooting photographs, at stupidly early hours of the morning in Richmond Park. It’s honestly so beautiful out. I love it.

Anyway, I shot this one of him in the bear suit that he made. Awesome.

Jokers Dozen setup-ish look

I keep getting emails from people asking me how I light up my portraits and it’s really hard to reply to each request so I said I would try and post one or two “break-downs” on here when I can.

This is a shot I took of a band called Jokers Dozen in Soho to be used as part of their press and promo for their upcoming EP release.

The shot was taken in a busy alley using the street shop lights as ambient to back-light the guys and I filled in the main light with a Profoto Pro-7b pack with a single Pro Head fitted with a 4×6 foot soft box completely to the left of camera and pointed away from the band just so that they catch the spill-off … see rough diagram below after the location shot (without the band in).

I hope this helps a bit.

You can see a few more behind-the-scenes type posts HERE.

Masters of Dirt hits London

Earlier this month I photographed the Masters of Dirt tour at Wembley Arena. Honestly, these guys really went all out and put on a great show. Definitely hoping that they make it round to the UK again next year.

Enter Shikari and Young Guns … Awesome

Tonight I photographed two great bands, Enter Shikari and Young Guns, playing at Hammersmith Apollo and it was an amazing show. Definitely one of my favourites in all the years of shooting.

You can see the photo sets of Enter Shikari HERE and Young Guns HERE.

Both incredible bands … check them out if you haven’t.

Behind The Scenes on my shoot with Lost In The Riots

I had another photoshoot a few weeks ago with the super nice guys from Lost In The Riots and my friend, Brendan Monteiro, assisted me but also filmed a bunch of behind the scenes footage and put together a short video of it all.

I really like how it came out so thought I would share it. You can either watch it below or directly on YouTube.

You can also see a few more of the images from the shoot HERE.

My city cross processed and beautiful as always

I always make it clear that I am completely in love with London and spend as much time as I can in the city just missioning around trying to find new places and taking photos trying to capture her beauty.

I recently bought myself a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II and took her out to shoot some stills and try her out. She’s amazing.

This film was cross processed to give a different feel of the normal and I have not touched them in anyway with regards to any post production. These scans are as they came off the negatives.

Forgot how much I love working this way. Thinking of making a darkroom again and developing everything myself like I used to.

If only there was more time …

Amoriste single cover

I have been cleaning up my office and just came across the the single for The Mascot by Amoriste which I photographed.

You can see a few more of the images from the shoot HERE.

Most times more than others

Working as a freelance photographer is one of the hardest things in the world and at times (a lot of the times) it really isn’t a 10th as glamourous as people may think. My hours are completely mental and I carry super heavy gear completely smashing my body … but … in saying that, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve worked on a lot of amazing projects over the years and seen a lot of really beautiful stuff while meeting a lot of great people.

This morning I shot this and it pretty much sums up those great days … which are more often than others.

Thanks again for all the support I’ve been given from everyone who I’ve met along the way on this super cool journey.

PS. Don’t forget to stop every now and then to just take a look around and absorb what’s going on …


Lazy Sunday Skate

My buddy, Brendan, joined us for a session a few weeks ago early on a Sunday morning and it had been a while since I rode last (morning’s have been wet with damp) so I was feeling really out of it … didn’t skate much to be honest but Brendan shot this photo of me doing a fakie ollie over a door … it’s nothing special but I like the way it looks. Winter in England … it’s not too bad.